Frequently Asked Questions

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It is a Swahili term meaning ‘Our Medicine.’ The app allows dispensers in Kenya to earn loyalty points by selling our products. That includes pharmaceutical, neutracitical, and some non-pharmaceutical products that suit our business.

If you are a drug dispenser running a pharmacy or a chemist in Kenya, you can simply register to our site or download our mobile app from Google Play and register. Once done with that, log in to start using the app which is the simplest and most efficient way to interact with our platforms.

Every product from us has a unique number or a QR code. To earn loyalty points, all you need to do is to scratch the product seals to view the code and send it via the app to grab points. Please do that just before selling any of our products. Once you are logged in and using the app, the system will identify you. There is no need to worry about losing points to another user.

The more you accumulate your points by selling our products, the more you earn.

You can redeem your loyalty points once they meet a threshold of 500. The points will be equated to some amount in Kenyan Shillings, and disbursements are done on the 10th day of every month.